The Passive Income Website: Should You Sell It?

Many digital entrepreneurs are crafting passive income websites. If you’re one of those folks, you already know how much of your heart and soul you pour into the site, trying to make it as excellent and profitable as it possibly can be. Once it’s up to snuff and finally earning you enough respectable money to relax for a bit, it’s time to start thinking about the long-term or endgame.

When it’s at maximum profitability, should you consider selling your passive income website?

What is a Passive Income Website?

Put simply, a passive income website is any site that you own which generates revenue for you without you being actively involved in the earnings of a particular transaction. Passive income websites don’t simply grow out of the either and start filling your pockets. You do have to do some measure of work to get the website up and running, curate them for SEO optimization, and fill them with content or tools that then earn you the money afterward.

Passive income is income you earn without actively selling a product or making a transaction yourself. Technically speaking, making a single digital product, like an e-book, and then selling it counts as creating a passive income stream. You only perform the labor to create the book one time, then it continues to generate you money for as long as it is popular. Even making a YouTube video and earning money from advertisements played during its run time is technically earning passive income.

Websites that generate passive income also make heavy use of advertisements or affiliate links. These are easy ways to generate passive income, as you aren’t making a sale or necessarily finishing a transaction. Instead, you’re being paid by others to lace your site with links or products which are then bought by others. Banners on your website are another example of passive income.

If your site’s revenue is primarily driven from investment opportunities, it’s also passive. Smart investing, as we’ve all heard a million times, is the easy way to early retirement, if you know what to invest in.

Once you’ve begun to create a passive income website, you can continue to optimize it and link it with other sites to drive traffic through a preconceived loop. Many ad groups do this as an actual business model, funneling digital visitors between many sites and generating ad revenue through a carefully tailored experience that shuffles a user from site to site or product to product.

Once again, all passive income websites require some amount of work, both at the beginning of the site and for maintenance to ensure that it continues to increase revenue. Most websites that sell products or which make posts are passive to some extent.


Does Yours Qualify?

So, how do you know if your website counts as a passive income site?

Well, if your site makes heavy use of affiliate links, advertisements, digital products, or is a brochure site created to advertise your skills to potential clients, it is a passive website. This site earns you money after your initial efforts and your maintenance work without you having to expend energy selling or trading for each dollar earned.

On the flip side, if your website requires you to actively partake in every transaction or if your site is based on periodic content posts, which others then pay for, it’s an exclusively “active” website. Naturally, you can imagine the most successful websites are at least somewhat passive. In fact, many digital entrepreneurs make healthy livings specifically off of passive websites.

What is a Successful Passive Income Website?

Successful passive income websites will leverage what they offer to a consumer in consistent and lucrative ways. These websites often utilize multiple passive income streams at the same time in order to provide their owners with significant revenue.

For instance, a good passive income site might sell an author’s e-books but also link to affiliate sites or products related to writing and reading as a hobby. Such a site might further advertise other book review websites or writing tutorials. Such a site might even have writing tutorials crafted by the original author themselves. That’s four explicit passive revenue streams from a single website.

Placing as many passive revenue streams as possible into one site is the way to go. Visitors that can generate you income from a single website rather than several will make you money more consistently and more quickly. Successful passive income websites often have repeat visitors, as well.

How Passive Income Can Benefit or Tax You

Having one or more passive income websites funneling revenue into your bank account can be an attractive lifestyle. It allows you to set your own hours and largely determine what you work on and for how long. There’s also a bit of financial sense in having multiple revenue streams at once; if one fails, the others can still bring you money.

Plus, you could theoretically reach a point of development at which you don’t need to work very much during the day to maintain your income. It is possible to achieve the oft-toted dream of working only a few hours per day and relaxing as money trickles into your bank account.

Yet reaching this point often requires a lot of extra work that many are not prepared for. Even if you have four or five excellent income streams, you’ll need to spend time and energy managing each of them in order to maintain their profitability. These hours can easily add up so that you work more than you would at a traditional or active job, depending on the field and the income streams you use.

But passive income websites can be risky in the long-term, especially considering that no website maintains its peak traffic and profits forever. You may wish to sell your passive income website eventually, either to move on to a new site or business venture or because of the extra work involved with managing multiple revenue streams.

Pros and Cons to Selling a Passive Income Website


Even though passive income sounds incredibly stable, it’s actually quite risky. Placing all of your digital eggs in one basket sets you up for failure if that site ever fails or if your niche dissipates. Making a single mistake with your traffic or consumer base can also lead to a drastic drop in revenue.

In addition, passive income lifestyles require several streams of money in order to maintain a good quality of life. Managing all of these streams takes significant maintenance time and lots of work, despite the “passive” nature of the site. In this way, such websites are actually more active than they are passive.

No passive income website lasts forever, too. While they can be lucrative once you’ve built them up to a state of excellence, most websites have a finite revenue lifespan and a peak period. Once that peak is reached, you’ll have to eventually move on to another website or venture if you want to maintain your current quality-of-life.

Therefore, selling your passive income website can be a smart idea. By selling your passive income website, you can earn a tidy profit if your website is worthwhile to an investor or buyer. This money can allow you to float until you find a more active career or enable you to spend time building up your next passive income website to repeat the process.

In fact, this is the career pattern of many career bloggers. Selling your passive income site is a great way to get ahead of the game while you’re still in the net positives, so to speak.

  • Can bring you a great profit
  • Can allow you to move on to a new business venture
  • Insulates you from losing your lifestyle if the passive income site fails
  • You’ll gain more free time immediately


  • You’ll lose creative control over the site
  • You won’t have the consistent revenue anymore
  • You may have to hunt for a new job or gig right after

Even with the above cons, the sale of a passive income website is the endgame for most career bloggers or digital entrepreneurs. It’s a natural part of the life cycle of this kind of business. Therefore, figuring out who you plan to sell your website to is a good idea.



When the time comes to sell your passive income website, Landocs PE is an excellent company to look into. They’re a small group of qualified website improvement specialists that look for excellent websites to acquire for great prices. With experienced digital entrepreneur and financial personnel, they can value your website for its real worth and reach an agreement with you to take it off your hands. Best of all, you can rest assured that your website will continue to progress and change even without you at the helm. It’s a lot more comforting than selling your site to a domain flipper that will tear it all down.

Whatever your decision, good luck with your next venture!

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