Website Evaluation Models: Assessment Strategies for Success

What is the Purpose of Website Evaluation Models? When the time comes to sell your website to a worthy buyer, you need to know how much to ask for to open the negotiations. But unlike physical property, the exact monetary value of something as intangible as a website can be difficult to pin down. But […]

The Passive Income Website: Should You Sell It?

Many digital entrepreneurs are crafting passive income websites. If you’re one of those folks, you already know how much of your heart and soul you pour into the site, trying to make it as excellent and profitable as it possibly can be. Once it’s up to snuff and finally earning you enough respectable money to […]

GDPR: Requirements, Compliance and What it Means for Your Website

The GDPR has had a divisive lifespan, even though it’s only been passed for about a year! Despite this time, many companies are not compliant with the new regulations brought about by the GDPR. That’s because there’s still a lot of confusion concerning the bill and what it means for regular website owners. We’ll explain […]

Digital Entrepreneurship: Why Every Business Needs an Exit Strategy

Being a digital entrepreneur can be quite lucrative, especially if you have some great ideas. But starting with an excellent idea and building your company from the ground up is just half the story. The end of your involvement in your digital business is inevitable, but the way you leave is what will ultimately dictate […]